Sira offers to Customers a complete consultancy service concerning applicable regulations prescriptions. Furthermore, we can provide survey, processing and certification services in compliance to D.L. 277/91 and DPCM 1 March, 1991.

All Sira systems will be supplied coming with:
o Conformity declaration.
o Assembly instructions.
o Technical sheets for materials (when required).
o Technical sheet for painting cycles.
o Structural calculation sheets (when required)
o Technical book, use and manteinance manual, CE marking (when required).

All installed systems will be put on trial and final test report will be supplied.

Furthermore, Sira can design and supply silencers featuring materials, procedure and testings in conformity with PED (Pressure equipment directive) pressure vessels Directive.

When required, our painting cycles will be performed and certified according to NACE prescriptions.

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