Safety issues must be carefully considered in particular where operators work inside plant areas. Therefore, it will be critical to pay strict attention to safety and operational standards preservation actions.

Sira cabins are designed to ensure high noise damping levels, superior hardiness and, if needed, total disassembly features to grant mainteinance operations.

Our cabins will provide optimal specific comfort equipments and options, such as windows featuring safety glasses; air conditioning, ventilation and lighting systems; command stations, false ceilings and floating floors.
Cabins and relative equipments will be designed for any industrial environment use.
Mobile soundproofing cabin
Soundproofing cabin - pumping groups
Soundproofing cabin - cogeneration system
Soundproofing cabin - hoppers area
Soundproofing cabin - stacker
Command pulpit cabin – continuous rolling system
Soundproofing cabins - turbins
Soundproofing cell – engine test desks
Soundproofing cell – engine test desks
Soundproofing cell – engine test desks
Soundproofing opening cabins - hydraulic pressing line
Soundproofing cabin - automated welding line
Soundproofing cabin – stacker
Soundproofing cabin – grinding station
Personnel soundproofing cabin internal
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