Sira silencers stand as an optimal solution when the goal is to efficently control noise emissions coming from chimneys, waste pipes, ventilation bays. According to noise characteristics, the suitable device will be selected into absorbing or double-stage silencers range.

These devices will be used to achieve noise dampening against spreading-through gaseous fluids sonic waves. Such waves will feature 20 m/s maximum passing-through speed. Absorbing silencers are typically installed over ventilation systems, inlet and outlet ventilator holes, conditioning systems. Absorbing silencers are composed by shells containing noise absorbing septums (batteries). Both shells and batteries may be cylindrical or parallelepiped. Solid partitions The rate of solid/empty partitions defines silencer’s capacity to operate in a specific spectrometry area. Moreover, the same rate will be designed to optimize load losses according to available head pressure before silencer.
Chiller Incapsulation with low load loss silencers
Cement Factory filtration system soundproofing intervention
Thermal central ventilation soundproofing system
Noise impedancing partitions ready to be chimney inserted
Abosrbing silencers on filters
Absorbing silencers on evaporative air outlet tower
Vertical-parallel partitions absorbing silencer
Absorbing silencer on gas boiler combustive air aspiration
Atmosphere dump silencer
Dissipating silencer on ventilator air inlet
Atmosphere dump silencers
Noise absorbing partitions support structure – Chimney silencer
Inox steel frames for noise absorbing partitions
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