This type of silencer will ensure the best adoptable solution when low frequencies noise emissions must be managed. Peculiar constructive features make these devices very suitable even for highly aggressive fluids and operational conditions, such as burnt gasses and composite or chemical vapours exhaust pipes.

A relevant constructive feature is given by silencer operational capability even without any internal noise-absorbing material use (such as rock or glass fiber wool). This means that our devices will be totally compliant with food industry or similar environments, in absence of porous materials spreading risks.

A reactive/expansion silencer consists in a double stage item where low frequencies at first, then high ones are effectively dampened.

Sira “Tornado” series reactive silencers can be installed on engine waste burnt gasses, high capacity blowers and compressors, and any low frequencies emitting machinery and systems.
First step is to detect pulsation frequency with consequent harmonics; then to design resonant chambers according to specific frequencies wavelenghts: this way, silencer will “oscillate” in counter-phase.

Sira “Tornado” series expansion silencers will be suitable when a strongly compressed fluid can be forced to slow down and transmute low frequencies to high ones, just before expanding and roaring into atmosphere. Transmuting phase is achieved by a grid expansive device, which will make “hiss” the fluid towards high frequencies. High frequencies will be easily treated by a second, merely absorbing stage.

Sira reactive silencers can achieve sound damping levels up to 60 dB(A) Leq.
Resonating silencer: reactive section detail
Combusted gas discharge reactive silencer
Combusted gas discharge reactive silencer
Air compressor reactive silencer
Blow-off valves steam discharge reactive silencers
Combusted gas discharge reactive silencer
Double stage steam discharge silencers – penetrant liquids non-distructive test detail
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