Noise pollution removal appears to be one of the most effective improvement activities on production sites. Disturbing and distraction causes on operational staff will be reduced or cancelled, as well as potential contaminations in adiacent areas or residential neighbouring sites. A noise removal intervention, carried out on a defined source, will achieve environmental quality and mandatory noise law limits safeguard.

Sira experience goes through more than two decades, carrying out interventions on plant departments or vast site areas. Our wide range of structures and panels is designed to achieve and guarantee required results.

Sira builds any kind of soundproofing doors and windows provided, if needed, with a wide range mechanization and automation systems. Every panelling system series is designed to be installed on our doors, windows and doorways.

Sira barriers are structured and dimensioned to meet customer specific needs. Frames and panels, strong and unalterable, will easily face any climatic condition.

Our solutions will be able to ensure noise damping levels up to 40 dB(A).
Noise impedancing barrier – chilling system   Windowed mobile area barrier   Mobile area barrier
Street noise impedancing barriers   Street noise impedancing barriers  
Noise impedancing isolation - hopper loading system
Noise impedancing isolation – chilling system   Soundproofing shielding – printing system line   Palm off stripe soundproofing isolation
Thermic station soundproofing insulation   Noise impedancing and absorbing office partition walls   Automated sliding door
Pedestrian doors   Noise impedancing doorway   Compressor station noise impedancing doorway, featuring natural ventilation system
Wall noise absorbing covering   Noise impedancing and deviating shielding   Air treatment unit shielding
Chilling units noise impedancing shieldings   Grinding area noise impedancing enclosures   Noise impedancing and absorbing enclosures – production area
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